17H. Src/Various/SrcGen.e
SrcGen GadToolBox source generator for E: beta version
[note: this is now very much obsolete. Have a look at EasyGUI]

You'll be needing GadToolBox v2.0 or higher, and have the
gadtoolsbox.library that comes with it in your LIBS:. Now, with GTB,
make some simple example (just a window with a few gadgets/menus etc.),
save it as "bla" (filename will be "bla.gui"), and type:

1> SrcGen bla
1> EC bla
1> bla

"bla.e" contains the routines for opening your interface, as well
as some routines to handle idcmpmessages, errors etc., and a dummy
"main" that just waits for one selection. here you can put in
your own code. see the commandline template how to stop SrcGen from
generating these routines.

That's all there's to it. If you have problems, just check the
source that has been generated.