17E. rexx/ecompile.rexx
This is a rexx-script for CygnusEd (tm), and enables you to compile E programs
from the editor.  Just assign this script a function key in the editor with
"Install Dos/Arexx command ..." (check your CED-manual if you're not sure how
to do this).  Now write your programs, and press Fx if you wish to compile.
Your source will be saved if necessary, the compiler will be invoked on a
separate console window, and the program is run on the same console.  When
your program is done, you may press <return> to return to the editor
(CED-screen to back and front is automatically done by the script).  If an
error occurred during compilation, the script will let CED jump to the line of
error after you pressed <return>

Note:  in the script there is a path name as to where the compiler can be
found.  You probably need to change this.  Also, the script copies EC to ram:
for systems with a slower SYS:  device, you may want to disable this if you
have a fast HD.