0F. additional information

The Amiga E Compiler was developed over the course of more than six years,
after the author's idea of a good programming language, and a quality amiga
specific compiler for it.  It started out as quite a small project and evolved
over the years into the large development environment it is now.  EC was
programmed (as you might have guessed) in 100% assembly, using the AsmOne
assembler v1.02.  All other support programs and tools (such as EDBG) were
written in E itself.

Special thanks go to the following people:

Jason Hulance - for 'The Beginners Guide', modules/examples, helping out
  with EasyGUI/EDBG, betatesting, his registration site, and practically
  being the coauthor of the Amiga E package.
Gregor Goldbach - for his registration site and general help.
Jörg Wach - for EPD and general support.
Rob Verver - for comments/inspiration.
Barry Wills - for being such a good betatester.

I also would like to thank the following people for various reasons
(no particular order):

Raymond Hoving, Erwin van Breemen, Michael Zucchi, James Cooper, Jens Gelhar,
Paolo Silvera, Sergio Ruocco, Jeroen Vermeulen, Jan van den Baard,
Norman Kraft, Urban Mueller, Charles McCreary, Olivier Anh, Lionel
Vintenat, Rob Nottage, Mirko Lalli, Jonas Tehler, Paul Nolan, Antonio J.
Gomez Glez, Fabio Rotondo and many more...

This compiler was programmed with great care towards reliability, and even
more so the code it generates, additionally it has been tested and debugged
for a long period.  However, it is not impossible that it contains bugs.  if
you happen to find one, or have other comments/questions, write me at the
address below:  I _strongly_ prefer E-mail above conventional mail.

NOTE WELL:  due to the immense popularity (?) of Amiga E, I get an almost
unreplyable amount of Email, some of which (>90%) are questions that would not
have been necessary if people read all the docs carefully.  What I mean to say
is that I don't mind receiving Email, and I generally answer all questions and
help people out with their programming problems, but be sure to check all other
information at your disposal (like the Amiga E docs or the RKRM's) to see if
your question is relevant, before mailing me.  Especially questions that are
not E specific but Amiga specific should not be directed to me.  And try and
be gentle on me with comments like "I think E should have feature X...", and
compiler bug reports that are really about bugs in your own program (see
18D, the FAQ).

registrations (see  0C ) and donations are welcome at the following address:

Note that I've moved to England.  For the time being the following address is
safe to use (my parents address, will be valid for quite a while, but it may
take quite a while for me to collect my mail there):

	Wouter van Oortmerssen
	Singel 524
	3311 HP  Dordrecht

If its about registrations it is wiser to just use another registration
site instead for the time being (the english one is preferred).

The old address (in Leiden, Holland) is not valid anymore, please stop sending
mail there.

You can try my current address in England, but it is subject to immediate
change (better email me first):

	Wouter van Oortmerssen
	Montefiore House III / L246
	Wessex Lane
	SO18 2NU

What this boils down to is that the only way to reach me without problems
is via email:		(strongly preferred)		(new, forward)		(still valid, forward)			(new, forward)			(new, not read)	(probably still works, forward)		(probably invalid by now)		(likely invalid)	(emergency cases, not read)		(at my parents, emergency only)

or visit me on the www (updated infrequently):	(primary)			(alternatively?)		(older copy)			(might go)