0E. changes / history / new features
New in v3.3a:
- significantly improved version of EasyGUI, including the SOURCE!
- new version of EDBG which a.o. now cooperates with Explorer
  (see  17K  for a full list of new features and bugs fixed).
  Now comes with source code as well!
- new version of EBuild
- various new examples, e.g. a texturemapper
- new versions of many modules and examples
- revised docs, e.g. a new "known-bugs" list.
- some new builtins, e.g. the Arc float functions.
- LIBRARY mode now has a PROC close() to match main()
- two (!) new class libraries now part of the distribution,
  Gregor's OO modules and Fabio's AFC.

Bugs fixed in v3.3a:
- EC now saves debug information for "self", and EDBG makes use of it.
- OPT RTD removed.
- ENUM now works with negative numbers
- module-cache flushing now definitely fool proof.
- and many smaller bugs...

New in v3.2i:
- make sure you read about the bug in mathieeesingbas.library (see  12D ) (!)
- You can explicitly assign registers in own libraries (e.g. `myfun(A0)').
- `find' in EDBG
- Iconvert supports PhxAss (with "-p")
- quite a few things in the distribution

Bugs fixed in v3.2i:
- methods with an exception handler could cause problems in the register
- various bugs in EDBG (scroller etc.)
- double declaration of object or label identifiers could go unnoticed
- EC would have problems flushing modules from different directories (now it
  only looks for the file-part and flushes it).
- problems could occur with method being called before their OBJECT declarations.
- and various smaller bugs...

New features in v3.2e:
- better EasyGUI (plugins)
- better EDBG (Arexx port and config saving)

Bugs fixed in v3.2e:
- procident.member gave weird errors
- preprocessor failed on 68000 in particular situations
- preprocessor didn't handle international characters
- '\0' in strings would cut them off
- EC would Lock() with an illegal mode from other dirs
- $FFFF as default arg became $FFFF0000
- macro errors could cause garbage to be printed on screen
- /* */ in comments failed
- inheriting from yourself wasn't detected
- didn't accept 0(A3,a) or 0(A3,a.L) or lab(PC,a) etc. where a:REG
- AND.L D0,a where a:REG changed src-dest

New features in v3.2a:
- EC can now output .library files!!! (see  17M )
- new EDBG with a massive amount of new features! (see  17K )
- enhanced EasyGUI (have a look)
- NEW and END now work on subobjects as well (see  4K ).
- NILCHECK/S, will insert code to check all "." and "[]" dereferences for
  NIL pointers (see  0D )
- v40 emodules, with types!
- new modules (Src/Class/ScrollWin/ and others)
- new docs / beginners guide
- extended distribution with Jason's RKRM examples etc.

Bugs fixed in v3.2a:
- IGNORECACHE was broken
- silly bug in /2
- asm -xx(Ax,Dx.w) addressing mode assembled wrong
- a-- where a:PTR TO o where SIZEOF o>8 translated into ADDI ipv SUBI
- globals in modules used in inline asm were not exported / offsets adjusted
- exp*globvar in module not compiled ok
- macros of other module would be saved again in current module
- and quite a few smaller ones...

a version history:

vers	date	EC k	comment

v0.3	sep 91	 5	first version that outputs executables
v1.0	may 92	20	builtins and library calls, usable for small tools
v2.0	okt 92	38	v37 modules usable, language pretty "complete"
v2.1a	jan 93	44	first public release
v2.1b	apr 93	45	bug fix, few new features. current version for >1 year
v3.0a	jul 94	82	enormous amount of new features. E gets a price tag.
v3.0b	sep 94	82	bug fix
v3.0e	nov 94	83	bug fix
v3.1a	dec 94	85	EDBG, preprocessor etc.
v3.1i	jun 95	83	new EDBG etc.
v3.2a	jul 95	85	.library mode
v3.2e	nov 95	85	new EDBG, EasyGUI, bugfixes.
v3.2i	nov 96  86	bugfixes, various
v3.3a	okt 97	86	bugfixes, new EDBG/EasyGUI/modules/classes/sources etc.