0C. demo restrictions, registration and sites
The Amiga E distribution is PD, and contains the demo version of the compiler.
registered programmers obtain the full compiler as a separate archive, with
only "EC" in it.

If you have received the registered EC already, you may wish to put it in the
bin directory.  The distribution archive may be freely copied for anyone (see
0B on that), but please make sure you do not distribute your registered copy
of EC to anyone, not even to friends.  I haven't serialised these copies
because of the confidence I have in my registered users, so don't break it.
Registration is very affordable, and v2.1b is still available, so there's no
excuse left for pirating E.

So what's "demo" about the included compiler?  The compiler will only spit out
executables <8k, above that it will present you with a "workspace full" error.
Other than that it's fully functional. [To the ignorant pirates: if you feel
like removing this protection make sure you do it right: all attempts I've
see sofar only remove the first level of protection and won't allow compilation
of large executables].

You are allowed to evaluate this demo for _two weeks_, after which you decide
either to register or quit using this demo version, even if you only write
programs <8k.  [this used to be 12k, yes.  Guess why it has changed.]

E registrations are personal, i.e. you may use it on any number of machines.
it also means you can't sell it to someone else if you don't want it anymore.

distribution updates can be found in the PD as normal, and updates to the
registered EC will be distributed as patches, also in the PD.

ordering a copy.
The basic price is, was, and will always be 65 dutch guilders (approxx.  40$).
subtract 5 guilders if you are prepared to receive your registered EC per
uuencoded E-mail instead of on disk.  This is the fastest way to receive a
registered version (you only receive the EC executable).

I will allow payment in some other currencies as well, to simplify payment for
some people.  No rare currencies please.  If you send money in your currency,
make sure it's well above 65 guilders, according to _current_ exchange rates.

Getting the money to me.  Not only has the registration-site situation changed
radically (since previous releases of E), my own situation has as well (read
the bit about my new address in 0F).

These are the authorized E registration sites at the moment:

England:	Jason R. Hulance
Germany:	Gregor Goldbach

[NOTE:  the one in sweden was closed down a while ago, the ones in the USA and
Australia are in the process of being closed down (if you can provide any
information of the current whereabouts of either Barry Wills or Rob Nottage,
please contact me).  The site in germany changed from Jörg Wach to Gregor
Goldbach, The one in Italy is having troubles at the moment so please use
other sites until further notice.  And my own site, Holland, has gone into
low-power mode since I live in England now, so I'd advice you not to use it
(you risk waiting up to 4 months for your registration)]

Below is some information from the various sites, for more info contact them
personally.  Residents in nearby countries may choose at their option to
registrate at these sites as well (England is the "main" site for the moment).
Whatever your method of payment, make sure the correct amount is received by
the site.

name:		Jason R. Hulance  (Dept. E)
address:	Formal Systems (Europe) Ltd, 3 Alfred Street, Oxford OX1 4EH, ENGLAND
telephone:	(0869) 324350, out of office hours.
price:		26 UK pounds (on disk) or 23 UK pounds (via E-mail)
		"Beginner's Guide to Amiga E" (182 pages) is available in AmigaGuide, TeX,
		PostScript and printed forms with a large index. This costs 5 UK pounds
		(non-printed forms) or 10 UK pounds (printed form).
payment:	For safety, please make payment by cheque (payable to "Jason Hulance"),
		although postal orders/cash/bank transfers will also be accepted

name:		Gregor Goldbach
address:	Gruener Weg 10, 21423 Pattensen, Deutschland
phone:		04173/511267
price:		60 DM (54 DM if sent by email)
payment:	direct transfer to bank account (preferred, mail me for
		cash (at your risk)

address:	(see  0F ) please use one of the other sites above instead
price:		65 dutch guilders
payment:	cash (preferred), mandat de poste international, eurocheque
		(in DFL), bank (427875951 ABN-AMRO bank, the netherlands,
		add 20,-), post-giro (6030387, PostBank, the netherlands,
		add 7,-), no cheques please.