0B. the distribution
The distribution includes:

Bin/		contains the compiler EC and the support utilities
Modules/	directory containing all Amiga v40 E modules and
		useful tools as linkable modules
Docs/		documentation on E
Src/		example sources in E

This distribution of Amiga E including the demo version of the compiler
is FreeWare, and may be freely copied.  The compiler archive some of you may
have received together with this archive, however, is NOT FreeWare and should
NOT be copied for anyone but yourself.

Distributing copies of E for more than the price of disk+postage (generally
<3$), or any other way of distribution with only the slightest aim of making
profit, is not allowed. I explicitly forbid Serge Hammouche or his company
"France Festival Distribution" to distribute E in any shape or form. He has
done so in the past without my permission, misusing my name and stealing money
from me on the backs of french E programmers. If you paid him money, claim
it back and spread the word. A french translation of this document authorized
by me (made by Olivier Anh) is available on the aminet.

This distribution should always be distributed as a whole, i.e.  in the form
of the original .lha archive.  No additions, modifications, translations,
partial distributions or whatever are allowed without my explicit permission.

No guarantees, no warranty.  If you manage to drown your pet goldfish using E,
or E fails to be suitable for ordering pizzas, that's entirely your problem.
Whatever happens, don't blame it on me.

Fred Fish has special permission to distribute E on his CD-ROM's, distribution
on Aminet CDROMs is also permitted.