Thanks to Noctis 4 CE, I've been sight-seeing around the galaxy. I forgot to bring my camera :-( , but luckily I still had my ancient DOS camera-phone with me - so please excuse if the QVGA pictures are a little fuzzy! :-)

Here's a gas giant that I came across, which looks a little like Jupiter:

This pea-soup green planet looks like it comes from the original Star Trek series!

This is sun-rise on an airless moon:

Please click for a panorama shot, where you can see my lander craft!

This blue planet looks quite cold in the rain, but if you look closely at the bottom reading it is actually 58.8 degrees Centigrade! Luckily my advanced Felysian suit protects me.

I took this picture when I went on a space walk (outside my ship). It looks a lot like our own moon, except it (or the planet it orbits) is surrounded by a ring if you look closely:

This is another moon similar to our own, but this time you can see the planet it orbits in the distance (on the right):

I took this picture of the same moon from inside my ship. From the HUD reading on my visor, you can see that someone has already visited this system, because they've named the star "Gremmaykala":

Here's the fourth planet in the Gremmaykala system, which has already been named "Felaramalla". It's a green planet, which is the right distance from the sun to be suitable for life:

After landing it looked like quite a boring planet...

This one looks a bit more interesting - hills & a small shrub:

I finally managed to sneak-up on a native animal (they are very fast & quite shy):

While chasing one such animal, little did I expect to chance upon a huge ancient monolith, which is now covered by moss & grass:

Since you can't tell how huge it is, I move my lander to it's base for this shot. The lander is that tiny white blob:

I took this picture closer-up, so you can see my semi-transparent lander (marked by the arrow):

Sadly I didn't find any other traces of civilisation, so it appears that this race (who-ever they were) died out long ago, and only have one or two massive ruins left to mark that they ever existed :-( . I was so depressed by this, that I came straight back home, so here I am...