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B.2 Further Reading

Amiga E Language Reference
Referred to as the Reference Manual in this Guide. This is one of the documents that comes with the Amiga E package, and is essential reading since it was written by Wouter (the author of Amiga E). It contains a lot of extra information.

Rom Kernel Reference Manual (Addison-Wesley)
This is the official Commodore documentation on the Amiga system functions and is a must if you want to use these functions properly. At the time of writing the Third Edition is the most current and it covers the Amiga system functions up to Release 2 (i.e., AmigaDOS 2.04 and KickStart 37). Because there is so much information it comes in three separate volumes: Libraries, Includes and Autodocs, and Devices. The Libraries volume is probably the most useful as it contains many examples and a lot of tutorial material. However, the examples are written mainly in C (the remainder are in Assembly). To alleviate this problem I have undertaken to re-code them in E, and Part One and Part Two of this effort should be available from Aminet or good PD houses (the archive names will be something like `JRH-RKRM-1' and `JRH-RKRM-2'). (Unfortunately, it seems that the actual manuals may be hard to find since there are now out-of-print.)

The AmigaDOS Manual (Bantam Books)
This is the companion to the Rom Kernel Reference Manual and is the official Commodore book on AmigaDOS (both the AmigaDOS programs and the DOS library functions). Again, the Third Edition is the most current.

Example sources
Amiga E comes with a large collection of example programs. When you're familiar with the language you should be able to learn quite a bit from these. There are a lot of small, tutorial programs and a few large, complicated programs.

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