Welcome to my [spinning globe] world (*)

(* well, my homepage anyway - but that doesn't sound as good :-)

The email address of Christopher Handley

You can get my email address here.

My Amiga software

AmigaAttributes (03-09-2012) (AmigaOS4, but could be compiled for MorphOS or AROS)
AmiSystemRestore (AmigaOS4)
eGame (AmigaOS4, MorphOS & AROS)
OpenWinURL (AmigaOS4, but old version could be compiled for MorphOS or AROS)
PictureAlbum (AmigaOS4 & AROS, currently unusable on MorphOS due to a bug)
PortablE programming language (Windows, AmigaOS4, AROS, MorphOS, AmigaOS3)
RunInUAE (AmigaOS4) - the latest official release, and the manual is here

FolderSync2 beta (30-04-2011) (Windows, AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS) - this is not a proper release, but probaby getting close...

My Psion software, released by FreEpoc

TubeRoute, which I am most proud of.
FastBackup, which was my most popular app.
Clipboard History.
ER6 emulation for OPL.

My Noctis 4 CE adventure.

The PortablE language & compiler

The homepage of PortablE is here.

A Beginner's Guide to Amiga E by Jason R. Hulance

I am hosting a copy of his good guide here.

The original AmigaE manual by Wouter van Oortmerssen

I am hosting a copy of the original manual here.

C++ considered Harmful (and why E is better)

A rough & unfinished first draft of my complaints about C++ is here.
It is also available in AmigaGuide & plain text formats.